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Dependable Trailer and Truck Repair Business in Warman

At Sask Semi Repair, we are dedicated to helping you keep your vehicles on the road at all times.

Quality Trailer and Truck Repair in Warman

Breakdowns aren’t easy. Truckers have needed repairs and service for their vehicles ever since they’ve been on the road. At Sask Semi Repair, we take care of your trucks and trailers. Specializing in a range of truck repair services in Warman, Saskatoon, and Langham, we’re the one-stop shop you can trust. Our fully trained staff undertakes all repairs and does the job efficiently. At Sask Semi Repair, we cater to owners, operators, fleets, and transport and courier companies. You could be anyone who owns and operates or manages semis, large trucks, and buses — we are here to serve you.

Whether you need truck transport, truck diagnostics, or trailer and truck repair, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Sask Semi Repair towing office

On the Road to Success

Sask Semi Repair is a growing local business. After launching a successful towing company, Reliable Towing, in 2014, owners Evan and Meghan decided to expand to include heavy-duty truck and vehicle repair. Ever since Sask Semi Repair came into being, we’ve helped a fleet of happy customers safely take their trucks and trailers back where they belong — on the road.

Guaranteed Assistance for Your Trucks and Trailers

Our crew at Sask Semi Repair is equipped with the technical know-how to provide you with any help you may need for your trailers and trucks. We transport and repair trucks securely and can be trusted to do a good job. What’s more, we are available 24/7 for emergency assistance upon request. Our range of services will ensure we assist you with your vehicle in the best possible way. We offer:

Truck and Trailer Repair

At Sask Semi Repair, we can take care of everything from suspension to battery and electric repair. We also offer regular and scheduled maintenance services.

Truck Diagnostics

Whether your vehicle is having a breakdown or a failure, we can help you out. Using the latest in diagnostic systems, we can quickly predict warnings for your heavy-duty vehicles.

Truck Transport

We’re capable of transporting heavy-duty vehicles from one location to the other. And, we also offer pick-up and drop-off services for repaired vehicles from the shop to our customers.

Big rig semi truck towing broken another semi truck

Need a Pick-up Service after a Truck Breakdown?

You can trust us to transport your heavy-duty vehicles securely from any location to our shop for repairs.

Sask Semi Repair center

Need Someone to Look at Your Fleet Regularly?

We are your guys! You can schedule regular maintenance for your trucks and trailers with us.

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